All about chemical peels – TCA Peel, Glycolic Acid, & More

Everyone wants amazing skin. Chemical peel treatments can give you glowing results in 30-45 minutes. They remove cells on the surface to bring out the beauty that was buried underneath. A really popular option is the TCA peel since it can be blended or regular depending on how intense you need it to be. There are also lots of other options available for face peels or chemical peels. The best one for you really depends on your own skin. The best way to find your ideal peel is if you consult an experienced esthetician or a skin specialist.

What is a TCA Chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a simple procedure where a certain chemical solution is made into a gel like mask and applied to the skin to remove the skin’s top layers. As a result, the refreshed skin hidden underneath is comparatively smoother. Using a light or medium peel, the procedure may be repeated every 6 months to achieve the desired result. Chemical peels treat wrinkles, handle discolored skin, and remove the appearance of acne scarring generally on the face. The peel is applied alone or can be combined with some other cosmetic procedures. To exfoliate deeper if you want a more dramatic result they have more intense chemical peel options.

The Chemical Peel Process

The exact peeling process depends on the selected peel. The doctor has to cleanse the skin thoroughly to prepare it for the treatment before the peel application. When peel is applied it is left on for a fixed time. You will then have it removed and the skin will be left naked or a moisturizer can be added later at night. The skin need a few days to start peeling. You will notice large sections of your skin start to flake up and it is recommended that you do not pick at or peel them. Let your skin naturally flake off to see the best results. Here are a few options detailing various types of chemical peels and how these may work for you:

Glycolic chemical peels

It penetrates the deepest in your skin. It is best to apply for exfoliation. This is because of glycolic acid small molecular structure, which helps to penetrate deep into the skin layers. This helps to bring back a healthy glow to ageing skin. This results in clear pores, meaning thereby beautiful skin

TCA Peel

A TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel, is a sort of chemical peel using a solution having trichloroacetic acid for removing the top layers of individual’s skin. This kind of peel is typically applied in a professional clinic, and also applicable for treating a wide variety of skin conditions, this includes acne scars, damage by sun, skin wrinkles, and even hyperpigmentation. These peels may be performed at different skin depths, starting from quite a superficial to deep, to gain the desired results.

Beta chemical Peels

Usually, acne may be difficult which is embarrassing and annoying. In case you happen to have such problem breakouts, there is a beta peel available to work on working well for exfoliation as well as oil control. Here, salicylic acid likewise, takes care of the bacteria which usually happens to be a source for acne breakouts and gives you the needed relief.

Pigment Balancing Chemical Peels

 These effectively work with a number of acids for lightening the skin pigmentation and reducing brown spots, though need a longer time. On top of such semi-regular peels, you might need to use sunscreen while going out else, the results will be limited.

Retinol Chemical Peels

These are a form of vitamin A, used in skincare products. It encourages skin cell growth once it is applied. Its small molecular size enables it to penetrate deeper into skin layers. This way, retinol reaches deep into the skin encouraging the skin cells to renew and grow. This peel also helps to unclog skin pores and reduce acne outbreaks and helps the cleansed skin heal.

Mandelic Acid Chemical Peels

These are great because of their molecular structure. The molecules are large in size compared to the molecules found in glycolic acid or even in other alpha hydroxy acids, taking longer to penetrate into the surface of the skin thus avoiding or reducing irritation. This reduces dark spots and the skin texture improves. This is the result of unclogging skin pores as acne reduces.

Jessner Chemical Peel

It is done by brushing acidic liquid onto the skin for removing the top layers and encouraging new so younger-looking skin may grow up. Nothing new, this peel has over a hundred years’ history while it is still in use. It reduces dark patches as well as age spots. 

Vitamin C Peel

Wondering what is a chemical peel with Vitamin C? This peel is one of the top-class defenses against free radicals like pollution, cigarette smoke and sun rays. These cause the skin losing elasticity and thus sagging occurs. Resultantly, the skin loses the ability to shed dead skin cells resulting in a dull or uneven appearance.

Alpha Jewel Peel

This peel works well and safe during summer needing minimal downtime. People usually in hurry-always “on the go” who do not allow downtime. This system is designed to remove the dead skin’s outermost layers adding a bonus of some precious gems. This is a unique element that leaves trace amounts of some essential minerals creating large levels of antioxidants helping to neutralize a stressed skin.

Biorevitalization Peel

This is a procedure that involves some chemicals to give individual’s skin a younger look. The chemical TCA is applied directly onto the skin and then after a short time the same is removed. Interestingly, the TCA peels are called “light” and also “superficial” as they affect only the outermost skin layer.

The Best Chemical Peel in Boca Raton

Glamor Medical has the best skin solutions for you and is located right in Boca Raton. They have lots of cosmetic options that rejuvenate skin. Glamor Medicals most popular options is the TCA or blended TCA peel since it gets deeper layers of skin to resurface and has dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional harsh peels. If you are looking for something in your area then Glamor Medical is a great option for you!

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