Pure PRP treatments

Pure PRP treatments


Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP is a very powerful delivery agent that provides a vast number of healing growth factors derived from the patient’s own blood. PRP is obtained through a simple, relatively small blood draw from the patient. The blood then is concentrated through centrifugation, and after removal of viscous red blood cells and other inflammatory cellular components, PRP is left. The healing factors are then injected into the patient at the site of injury or desired tissue repair and regeneration.


Not all PRP is the same. For optimal results, PRP concentration of 4 to 6 times baseline is required. The higher concentration PRP costs more and is more effective. We use high concentration (up to 8 times baseline) Pure PRP by EmCyte II.

Pure PRP treatments
Pure PRP treatments


Pure PRP is a patented process and can only be obtained by utilizing the EmCyte processing system. While other PRP systems may achieve 1x to 3x concentration of platelets, the Pure PRP system can achieve up to 8 concentrations. Obtaining the maximum number of platelets, to deliver the highest level of growth factors and other healing biologics, is the key to any PRP treatment being successful. Not all PRP is the same – Glamor Aesthetics Medical Center demands the best for you, and has chosen Pure PRP.


PURELIFT facial rejuvenation treatment utilizes the Pure PRP processing system to draw and process the patient’s own blood. Using this system enables us to achieve a high concentration of platelets, while eliminating large, pain inducing red blood cells and inflammatory neutrophils. Once the PRP has been concentrated and processed into Pure PRP it can be utilized for the patient’s procedure. Pure PRP is applied to the soft tissue beneath the skin utilizing an extremely small needle, via multiple injection sites. The anesthetic is used to numb the skin. Following the injections, microneedling may be applied to specific areas, or over the entire surface area of the face.

Mild pain and swelling may occur at the injection site. However, the majority of patients are able to return to usual activities with no down time. This is a simple outpatient procedure that generally takes less than an hour, and has very little risk of side effects, due to the use of the patient’s own blood, instead of harsh chemicals or potentially harmful medications.




Pure PRP treatments


PUREGEN hair restoration utilizes the power of Pure PRP to deliver high levels of growth factors, as well as other beneficial proteins, which can attract stem cells. This helps to increase blood circulation to hair follicles, providing vital cellular components and nutrients, which can stimulate new hair growth and thicken thinned-out hair. Focusing on areas where hair thinning is present, Pure PRP is injected into the scalp using a fine needle. Around three weeks post-treatment, growth factors will begin generating new tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Reduction in hair loss and gradually thickening hair will increase over the following months. Patients may opt at that time to get a second treatment to enhance results. Most patients will require 3-4 treatments spaced 1 month apart.