This membership allows you to take advantage of a variety of services over the course of 1 year. You can pick which service you want to experience and change it up every month. You will receive an additional 10% off all skincare products!

Cost of Membership:

This plan requires a monthly fee of $195. With this membership you get a TOTAL VALUE of $6,000 FOR ONLY $195 PER MONTH! Additionally, you get 10% OFF ALL skincare products and Eye Lashes serums. A minimum commitment of 12 months is required.

What’s Included:

You will be able to choose from the services listed below. You may only pick 1 service and switch every month!

Choose from the following services:


  • Best in class SkinPen MICRONEEDLING treatment. Members enjoy a FULL FACE&NECK treatment once per month. Over $200 in savings per month.
  • VIP Smart Peel once a month. $100 in savings per month.
  • One PHOTOFACIAL Skin Rejuvenation per month. Over $100 saving a month.
  • Dark Spots or Rosacea Removal with IPL up to Two areas per month. Over $300 saving a month!
  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL- Pick up to 4 areas every month – you may choose different areas each month and laser your hair away, one month at a time! This applies to small, medium, and large areas. Full body is not included as it is NOT one area.
  • Vein Removal with Asclera injections. One area per month.
  • Permanent LashLine. Saving $100



  • ONE area of Neurotoxin + Acne or Lightening Peel. Save $180 per month
  • Mini Lip or Mini Eye Fill. Save $155 per month
  • Full Face Mesotherapy treatment. Benefits: skin hydration, reduction of lines, wrinkles and acne! Save up to $100 in just one visit.
  • IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING ELSE – You can always choose to apply your $195 toward any other treatment.


BONUS: We understand that sometimes people may not be able to redeem their monthly visit. Call the office and let us know before the end of the month! We will send you a glamorous gift worth your monthly spending!


PLUS you will also receive these additional benefits:

  • 10% Off ALL Skin Care Products

How to Access Your Benefits:

Please contact our office to schedule your first appointment and start enjoying your discounted services and products!

Rules That Apply

  • A minimum 12-month commitment required. The $195 monthly fee will recur monthly on an ongoing basis until you cancel your services. Please contact our office for assistance.
  • Service must be completed in the one month time frame.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, you will need to do so before the next billing cycle. If you cancel your membership at the end of a 12-month billing cycle, you will also be billed for 3 additional payment cycles.
  • Cannot be combined with other specials or discounts.
  • Included services are only available in the office.
  • Laser Hair Removal – You may not choose full body as the 4 laser hair areas – must choose from small, medium, or large areas. You may change the areas every month. 8 weeks is the recommended timing between treatments per area so if coming every month, you will likely need to alternate areas.


Need to Cancel?

We would hate to see you go, but we understand that sometimes people move away or have other priorities, that require you to cancel your membership. If you do need to cancel, please contact our office.


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