What is a Gua Sha Facial?

Over the past two years, Tiktok has become increasingly active in the beauty industry with the ease of reaching self-care enthusiasts. There is no denying that you’ve seen or maybe even tried some of the fads. Today we are talking about the Gua Sha facial. Though it has always been popular throughout the world it seems to have reached America in recent years. 

What is Gua Sha?

Research has found that the Gua Sha facial will soothe inflammation and puffiness. Additionally, it is believed to temporarily define facial contours. Though to be clear, gua sha is a facial massage technique, not the stone tool it’s associated with. This method originated in eastern and southeast Asia as a healing technique to release fascial and muscular tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage. There are also clinical studies on Gua Sha’s effectiveness in pain relief which back inflammation reduction claims.

At Glamor Medical, we also believe this could be something added to your beauty routine in between your office visits to help you stimulate collagen production. 

Gua Sha originated as a full-body treatment—which most don’t realize since facial techniques have recently become mainstream. The concept behind the methodology is to invigorate blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage to gain the desired aesthetic. 

What tools do you use for Gua Sha?

When you google Gua Sha stones you will get lost in pages and pages of options. Below are the Gua Sha stones recommended by Allure to be the best. 

Yina Bian Stone Gua Sha
Sacheu Beauty Stainless Steel Gua Sha
Mount Lai Gua Sha

How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha tools come in many shapes and sizes. Professionals recommend using your stone in combination with a Gua Sha facial roller for the best results. If you’re seeking to use a Gua Sha tool for medical reasons and not beauty there are even TCM practitioners (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Be careful when purchasing tools without professional guidance. You want to be sure the materials you are putting on your face, as well as any oils, are the top quality.

Where to get Gua Sha Facial Tools in West Palm Beach, Florida 

Local shopping malls, beauty centers, and stores such as target carry a variation of Gua Sha tools. However, we recommend asking your practitioner during your next appointment if this is something that is right for you. At Glamor Medical, we will send you home with tips, tricks, and an education on what is best for your skin between appointments. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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