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How To Get Rid of Love handles

Diets high in carbohydrates, stress, and insufficient sleep are the main causes of extra fat storage, this extra fat manifests as “Love Handles” or a “Muffin Top.” To avoid this excess weight gain it is recommended that one should eat healthier, exercise more, and get enough sleep.

Increase Physical Activity

Get moving for at least 45 minutes each day.  45 minutes is less than 1% of your day. Increase your level of physical exercise in any way you can. Fat growth results from consuming more calories than you burn.

In the Health application for iPhones, there is a step counter. Establish a step target and include it in all of your everyday activities. When possible, use the stairs, park far from a store’s entrance, and when you can, walk or bike to your destination. 

Find an activity you enjoy doing so you can stay motivated. In order to get your cardio in, find out what works for you; are low-impact exercises necessary? Do you favor being outside? Have you taken a class in a group? 

Many people find that the competitiveness and coaching aspects keep them motivated. Get moving for at least 45 minutes of the day. 45 minutes is less than one percent of your day! 

Consume Less Than You Burn

You must have a calorie deficit and consume only as many calories as you would burn off in a day in order to lose weight.The daily deficit should be between 300 and 500 k-cals in order to lose fat while protecting muscle.

Do this by tracking your progress using an app like My Fitness Pal. 

Because we are accustomed to larger quantities, we often eat more than is necessary. You can maintain an exact calorie count with the aid of measuring cups, spoons, scales, and meal tracking apps. 

Muscle Burns Love Handles

When it comes to losing fat, strength exercise and a carefully monitored diet work hand in hand. The bare minimum of calories required each day is the resting metabolic rate. The daily metabolic rate rises with an increase in muscle.

When trying to lose weight, strength training will boost the amount of calories burned throughout the day and prevent muscle loss.

More benefits come from gaining muscle than simply weight loss. Simply put, the regulation of insulin and glucose is improves with muscle gain. It is also important to maintain a regular workout routine to avoid metabolic diseases.

Cool sculpting for Love Handles

Do you feel like you need a little boost after trying to exercise and eat healthy? Sometimes biology and genetics are to fault for this, and they can cause the body to accumulate more fat than what is necessary. 

Hormones have a significant impact on how well the body processes and stores fat. If you’ve done all the exercises like side planks, bicycle crunches, russian twists, and mountain climbers but are still struggling to break through and rid fat in problem areas, you might just require that extra push, after all.

Cool sculpting is an FDA-approved non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for persistent fat. The outcomes of Cool sculpting are long-lasting and can reduce fat by 20 to 25 percent. The more treatments you receive, the better the results become.

For the treatment of love handles, two to four sessions is necessary. The results come about gradually and under control, allowing skin to heal organically and avoid becoming excessively loose skin. The ideal candidate is 10 to 15 pounds within their target weight.

Cryolipolysis is the official term of the procedure that is Cool sculpting. The fat is put in the machine between two panels to freeze. The most frequently treated body parts is legs, lower back, stomach, double chin, and love handles. Additionally, Cool Sculpting lessens the appearance of cellulite throughout the treated areas. 

Cool sculpting is not a surgical procedure. It helps locate the temperature to target the fat cells specifically because fat is sensitive to the intense cold and will die at a certain temperature. After applying cold to the treatment area and drawing the subcutaneous fat cells into a cup using a vacuum applicator, your body will gradually remove the fat over the course of three days. The applications are designed to shape and de bulk treatment areas.

Side Effects of Cool-Sculpting

You will experience cold and tingling during the treatment. You get a brain freeze if your neck is being treated. There are some short-term adverse effects that are typical and might persist up to a week. 

Redness, bruising, stinging, firmness, tingling, soreness, and aching are some of the symptoms. The treatment’s results will be permanent. Absolutely no, cool sculpting is not a weight-loss technique. It is a localized treatment to reduce and eliminate fat cells in that region. If you are interested to see if you cool sculpting is right for you speak with the professionals at Glamor Medical.

Glamor Medical For Cool Sculpting 

Let cool sculpting help you achieve your end fitness goal. The professionals at Glamor Medical can answer all questions you may have and guide you through every step of the way. Experts will be able to tell if you are an appropriate candidate and from there choose the treatment that will suit you best. 
Patients who are interested in the most recent developments in the field of facial and body rejuvenation turn to Glamor Medical.  At Glamor Medical, our goal is to offer the best medical aesthetic and cosmetic techniques while upholding a culture of professionalism and top patient care. The latest cutting-edge technology is used, and each patient’s treatment plan is unique. Schedule your consultation today!

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