Lip Augmentation Before & After at Glamor Medical

Lip Augmentation Before & After at Glamor Medical

Lip Augmentation, commonly referred to as Lip Fillers, is a fantastic way to change the appearance of the lips. Using hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, we can create fuller, plumper lips through the strategic placement of volumizing fillers. 

This procedure can add volume, structure, and shape to the lip area. They can balance the top and bottom lip, restore volume lost to aging, and create a fuller look. 

Alena Kuneff, MMS, PA-C is the owner and practitioner at Glamor Medical and she turns lip filler into an art. See her work create incredible transformations below.  

The Classic Lip Augmentation

A natural look that produces subtle, yet distinctive formation of the 5 natural planes that exist in the lips. This type of augmentation is best for those who has lost volume due to aging or for the injection beginner.

The Rubina Lips

This lip augmentation is a full expression of the 5 natural planes and is heavily reliant on the patient’s facial structure. Although, this is more aesthetically pleasing for someone with length in their facial structure.

The Cupid Lips

This look is more youthful and is naturally prominent in pre-adolescent females. Though, this look can easily be created using lip fillers.

The Pealique Lips

This look accentuates the lower lip and adds serious volume.

The Hollywood Lips

A more dramatic lip augmentation style for those who desire full attention to their lips. This is one of the most popular styles seen in today’s media.

The Angelic Lips

This look is another full expression with a focus on the upper lip. However, unlike the other styles this lip elongates and shapes the upper lip like angel wings.

Lip Augmentation Before and After at Glamor Medical

Lip Filler in Palm Beach County, Florida



If you’re looking to have a lip augmentation in the south Florida area please make an appointment for a consultation at our Boca Raton office or give us a call.

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  1. Oh wow. I had no idea that there were different shapes to lip augmentation. I thought they just put fillers in there and called it a day. Very cool read.

  2. I have never done a lip augmentation producer, but this sounds interesting, and I know someone will consider this action. I’ll have to share this with her. Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks for breaking down the different shapes and possibilities when it comes to lip augmentation. I’ve been considering one for a while and this article helped me gain more information about the procedure.

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