Top 5 Benefits of the Moxi Laser Treatment 

We Know you are wondering how to get that picture perfect glowing skin. Maybe you just saw a tik tok trend, or read about new skin resurfacing treatments like the Moxi laser. Now you are ready to start researching treatments like crazy, and find the best option for your skincare needs. 

What is the Moxi Laser?

The Moxi laser is a non-ablative laser that corrects sun damage and aging. It is provided by Sciton technology’s mJOULE and is best when combined with the BBL HERO laser treatment. We love that the Moxi laser is made for younger patients, giving them the opportunity to start a skin care regimen early.

Prejuvenate Your Skin

Imagine being able to start the perfect skincare journey. One that provides exceptional results with little downtime and shows results within 3-5 days. Impossible right? Actually with the Moxi laser this is exactly what you should expect. Patients are super thrilled about their results and have noticed their acne scars, and uneven skin tone getting corrected.

What are Top 5 Benefits of the Moxi Laser Treatment 

Benefit One: It is a non-ablative Laser

The fact that the Moxi laser is non-ablative is one of its top selling points! Instead of removing the top layer of the skin, the laser heats the underneath layer to activate collagen production. This is why the Moxi laser treatment is known as the “perfect lunch time facial.” By only heating up the underneath layer it causes a small sunburn like reaction that typically fades in a half hour. In about 3-5 days you will see amazing results and have glowing skin.

Benefit Two: The Moxi Laser Treatment is Fast

We provide patients with a typical treatment time of 12-20 minutes for their entire face. The first part of this treatment includes rubbing a numbing cream over the treatment area. Numbing cream will reduce and noticeable pain with deeper laser treatments.

The esthetician will then wipe off any excess cream and set up the laser wavelength and depth according to your skin needs. During this process a computerized handpiece tip tracks treatment duration for ultimate patient safety and hygiene. 

Benefit Three: Treatment Areas on Face and Body

There are several places on the body that are exposed to the sun and typical lasers can’t treat the damage. The Moxi works on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs to produce dream like results. 

Benefit Four: It Works on Darker Skin Tones

We are thrilled to announce that our Moxi laser treatment will not only work on younger patients but also those who have more skin pigmentation. At some point, everyone gets acne, but not all lasers were designed to heal and resurface all skin types.

For those with darker skin, the laser could potentially heat up melanin causing skin damage, leading to pigment changes like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.The Moxi laser has a wavelength of 1927nm that targets water, which means it can treat all skin types, year round.

Benefit Five: Easy Aftercare

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on skin aftercare, you are in luck because you will only need three essential items. We will recommend the proper toner, and moisturizer after your treatment, and will recommend that you wear sunscreen daily for three months. When you first leave our office it is great to wear a hat so that you can recover and reduce redness quickly. If you would like more information about skin care regimens and products we will be happy to assist you and provide excellent recommendations.

Post Moxi Treatment

After your skin redness goes back to your natural skin tone, you will experience dryness. A few days later you may notice little dry dots called “mendz.” Mendz are micro dots from the laser that will eventually flake off and show your beautifully resurfaced and refreshed skin. 

How to Book Your Moxi Laser treatment

If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy your Moxi Facial Treatment book now at Glamor Medical. Glamor Medical is one of the top rated med spas in Boca raton! It is the destination of choice for patients seeking the latest advances in the art of facial and body rejuvenation. Our mission at Glamor Medical is to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery services. We uphold an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence in care.

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