Sciton Broadband Light for Anti-Aging Treatment

Sciton BroadBand Light for Anti-Aging Treatment

The skin is the largest body organ, and it is prone to get numerous problems as we age. Some of your concerns about your skin may be contributed to conditions caused by aging, lifestyle, or sun damages, the disease can be treated. Thus, you no longer have to suffer in silence.

Though various tools can treat the skin’s condition, one of the most reliable methods is Sciton BBL Hero. Let’s explore how the Sciton BBL Hero is used to treat acne and other skin conditions.

What Is Broadband Light (BBL)?

BroadBand Light is similar to the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) however it is more powerful and has a broader spectrum of wavelengths. The BBL sets the bar for the anti-aging dermatological process. What makes it stand out is the safety and the effectiveness it offers.

The BBL is an innovative module that uses the Mjoule platform and all the versatility it offers. With MJoule technology, you will get a blend of personalized solutions and services that allows the BBL to provide customized services for the clients. This machine has state-of-the-art lamp technology, CoolComfort Technology, and smart filters to maintain comfort during your treatment.

The Sciton BBL stands out from other products since it is a versatile broadband light system in its class. It comes with a user-friendly feature, a guarantee of the best outcome, and an exception RIO. The features make it one of the safest I PL in the market.

Features That Make the Broadband Light Stand Out

The BBL is ideal skin therapy since it can offer relief to various skin conditions. When you make use of the device for treatment there will be no need for additional handpieces. Thus, making the treatment fast without and you will not have to worry about getting skin irritation.

The BroadBand Light also has flexible Finesse Adapters that enable it to reach into areas that can be tough to get. The BBL has a High Energy Rapid Output (HERO) technology that adds that to the handpiece, thus guaranteeing lasting and fast results in the body.

The BBL is the fastest IPL device in the market. It is proven to have 4 times the speed, 3 times the peak power, and 2 times the cooling. If so, it provides a greater capacity to treat patients faster than other devices, making it a go-to for skin conditions. You will not have to go through one therapy several times to get the desired outcome.

The Sciton BBL will treat the face and other large areas like the back, arms, and legs within 2-5 minutes. It is the fact that it is fast and effective that makes it an ideal machine to treat the skin’s various conditions.

The BBL offers a combination of various treatments, and it comes with all the Sciton systems like Skin Tyte, Forever Bare, Forever Young, and And Forever Body. These features make the device the best tool to treat rosacea and other skin conditions. The other BBL feature is HEO, which will upgrade from the JOULE platform you prefer using or a standalone IPL System.

Clinical Applications

For those in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Florida, with skin issues like aging, sun damage, and vascular lesions like cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, and rosacea, then you should seek the BBL treatment. The Glamor Medical service will handle any skin issue you might have.

The treatment procedure is simple; it will start with a blue light wave to get to the bacteria’s source. After damaging and killing the bacteria, the next phase of the treatment is the yellow light to help calm the inflammation and the redness of the treatments. The final stage is the infrared light to stimulate the body’s healing process.

For All Skin Types

People with darker skin tones are not recommended to use IPL treatments. However, that is not the case with the BBL; this machine was created for all types of skin. You will not have to worry about getting hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Therefore it is highly controlled, making it a better machine to treat any level of skin condition. When you opt for the MJoule for treating your skin, your treatment is customized to meet your needs.

Why Choose Glamor Medical

Glamor medical focuses on offering the best medical, aesthetic, and cosmetic treatment services. We uphold an atmosphere of professionalism and excellent care. Get in touch with us today to experience the best BBL treatment.

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  6. I have never heard of BBL before. I wonder how safe it is for someone with chronic illnesses that affect the skin – I have vascular EDS, and therefore quite fragile skin. Blessings!

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