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6 Benefits: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid, like elastin and collagen, is abundant in the dermis layer of the skin. HA can come in a form of dermal filler that lasts for up to 24 months, depending on the treatment area. It is also biologically a sugar and occurs naturally in the body’s skin, connective tissue, and joints. 

Wrinkles, smile lines, fine lines, and volume loss are all signs of aging that stem from the dermis. Hyaluronic acid, the active element in the skin, eventually needs a boost. FDA-Approved products that specialize in replenishment are Juvederm, Restylane, and Ravanesse Versa.  

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Vs Botox

The primary distinction between HA fillers and botox is that botox serves as a “freezer” for the muscles of the face. This smooths out wrinkles and fine lines and prevents them to form in the future. Botox relaxes muscles and prevents movement from the face that may cause excess wrinkles. Results from botox show up in about two weeks. HA helps to restore volume to the skin and fill up fine wrinkles while replicating and enhancing the natural collagen process. HA is only used in the facial region. 

Non-invasive Dermal Filler

HA can be used as a serum or gel topically (non-invasive) or as an injection. When using a HA serum or gel, dampen your skin with a mist beforehand in order to maximize moisture absorption. 

HA filler is a minimally invasive procedure, with a needle inserted directly into the skin. However, because most fillers are pre-mixed with lidocaine, the area is numb and the treatment is painless. Because of their adaptability, efficiency, and lack of side effects, HA fillers are a popular choice. To be safe and comfortable, you should take a half-day off work and wait at least 24 hours before exercising.

Tightens And Hydrates Skin

HA is the holy grail of skin hydration. We lose that young glow when our natural production of HA slows down as we age. HA locks in moisture in every way it can, holding 1,000 times its own weight in water. This hydrates the skin deeper and promotes the production of natural HA. 

The results reveal immediate surface hydration and a reduction in wrinkles. HA does not tighten skin, but it can help create the illusion of tighter skin by increasing hydration. We spend so much time outside in South Florida, preserving moisture by incorporating this skin rejuvenation treatment is essential. 

Protect Your Skin

By using hyaluronic acid on your skin, you provide a barrier against outside toxins and regular sun exposure. It’s active ingredients are even beneficial for accelerating the wound healing process. You can protect your skin from harmful ingredients. Double check you have high-quality skincare products to maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier.

The Obagi medical skin care products are one of the high-quality skin care routine goods suggested by Dr. Aleana Keneff. You can find all of their goods at Glamor Medical. You can also speak with Dr. Keneff, to see which products are ideal for you. To locate specific products based on your skin type and intentions, go to Obagi’s website and take their skin analyzer questionnaire.

Skin Rejuvenation

HA fillers’ reaction can assist skin cells to renew, making them appear younger, healthier, and brighter. The enhanced skin cell turnover stimulated by the injectable fillers can help with facial wrinkles, dry skin, freckles, age spots, and skin tone.

Add Volume With Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Injectable dermal fillers will not make acne scars disappear. However, they will treat unevenness by adding volume to the skin, making it appear smoother and silkier. If acne scars or skin pits are your main worry, there are other treatments available. Glamor Medical in Boca Raton offers PRP facial, which combines platelet-rich plasma with the HA fillers, giving you the best results.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Dermal fillers are used for both remedial and preventative purposes. If you’re in your late twenties, you should start thinking about ways to slow down the impacts of aging. Fillers are low-risk, so you don’t stand to lose anything, and they’re a terrific investment in your skin.

 However, if you have an infection, a blood clotting condition, or uncontrolled diabetes, you would be unqualified to receive filler treatment. 

Filler treatment is strictly discouraged for pregnant or nursing women, as well as anybody with a cancer diagnosis.

Glamor Medical in Boca Raton

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Glamor Medical’s objective is to provide the finest quality medical aesthetic procedures while maintaining a professional and caring environment. 

We employ cutting-edge technologies and design personalized treatment regimens for each patient. We treat our patients with care and provide a welcoming and relaxing environment. Book your appointment today!

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