9 Reasons We Love Vivace Microneedling Treatments

Painless, minimally invasive and effective on all skin types, Vivace microneedling is the undisputed champion of microneedling treatments. 

You might have seen those microneedling before and after photos where wrinkled skin with stretch marks becomes smoother and more even. If you thought that was amazing, wait till you experience the magic of Vivace RF microneedling. 

The new Trend- Microneedling

It’s our newest procedure here at Glamor Medical, and we can’t stop gushing about it. The immediate results beat those of every other skin rejuvenation tool in our arsenal by a long shot. It’s quick, virtually painless, and works like magic! 

For the uninformed, microneedling is a form of cosmetic skin therapy that triggers the body’s natural healing processes by creating microscopic openings in the skin with tiny needles. The body responds to these “micro injuries” by building more collagen and elastin, which result in a smoother complexion. 

Vivace works similarly, but it’s nothing like those run-of-the-mill microneedling techniques. Utilizing the best-in-class microneedling treatments as well as radiofrequency and LED light therapy, Vivace takes care of concerns such as: 

  • Wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Loose, thinning skin on the face and neck
  • Acne scarring and rough texture 
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks 

Like an anti-aging spell, Vivace RF microneedling erases the toll placed by stress and age on your skin. There are so many reasons to love this revolutionary skin treatment that the team at Glamor Medical has compiled a list. Here’s what makes Vivace® the undisputed champion of microneedling treatments – 

     1. Instantly Visible Results 

Microneedling generally works by stimulating collagen production in the skin. During the treatment, your specialist applies a serum to the target areas to supply them with the needed nutrients. However, regular microneedling treatments require weeks or months to build sufficient collagen for improvements to be seen.  

With Vivace microneedling, your skin is made more receptive to nutrient serums with the of fine gold-tipped needles. You’ll rebuild collagen and elastin in the target areas more rapidly with Vivace® than with any other microneedling technique – so you can practically watch those flaws fade away. 

The glamourous effects of Vivace don’t stop there! Vivace also uses integrated radiofrequency (RF) to accelerate collagen synthesis in deeper skin layers. With LED technology facilitating speedy recovery, you can see changes almost immediately! 

     2. Optimal Results in Just Three Sessions

Typical microneedling therapy requires six or more treatment sessions to achieve their best results. Many people find it difficult to come to terms with the significant investment of time and money required for such a programme. 

To our delight, Vivace microneedling is anything but typical! With noticeable improvements after just one treatment, the average patient needs only three Vivace® RF microneedling treatments for optimal results. And when you compare the improvements in skin complexion with those obtained after six sessions of regular microneedling, there’s absolutely no contest – Vivace wins, every time. 

     3. Superior Skin Tightening 

Vivace employs a two-prong approach to skin tightening: high quality microneedling, and integrated radiofrequency. They both try to attain the same goals – smoother texture, healthier skin tone and firmer skin – but through different methods. 

As RF energy uses a noninvasive procedure to complement the collagen stimulation of microneedling, the Vivace Experience® yields results that are far superior to that of any other skin treatment. The improvements appear completely natural and yet more dramatic than other microneedling treatments! 

     4. Safe for All Skin Types 

Skin resurfacing treatments such as laser therapy and peels are usually abrasive on darker skin tones. As a result, it has historically been difficult for people with dark skin to find a suitable skin rejuvenation therapy that will not cause any permanent pigmentation changes. Using Vivace eliminates this problem benefitting those who could not be treated before.

Vivace® microneedling is safe and suitable for all skin types, light or dark. The results are as natural as possible and do not require removal of skin layers with heat or harsh chemicals. We are particularly excited for our dark skinned clients who can now have the right skin therapy for themselves. 

     5. Virtually Pain-free 

Those in the know understand how regular microneedling procedures work. The pen or roller used often tears the skin during treatment, resulting in excruciating pain that many patients have come to accept as normal. But does it have to be? 

With its 36 superfine gold-tipped needles and robotic control mechanism, the Vivace Experience® is painless and even comfortable. The numbing cream applied before the treatment eases any discomfort you might experience. The whole procedure is smooth, even and does not cause any skin tearing. 

So does beauty have to painful? At Glamour Medical, we know this isn’t so! 

     6. No Downtime, At All 

Perhaps you are used to beauty treatments that require you to take lots of time off for recovery. Well, we are excited to announce that Vivace microneedling has virtually zero downtime. How come? 

The inclusion of LED light therapy in the Vivace Experience® means that post-treatment redness fades away as rapidly as possible! Inflammation from the microneedling is immediately calmed by the red and blue LED lights, which also help neutralize bacteria and prevent acne breakouts. 

At Glamor Medical, we recommend that our clients wait until the day after treatment before applying makeup. With some broad spectrum SPF to protect your treated skin from the sun, you’ll be able to go out for dinner right after treatment. 

     7. Minimizes Stretch Marks and Improves Skin Texture 

Stretch marks can be stubborn. If you have them, you know only too well how they can be to erase. Traditional microneedling options simply don’t work well on stretch marks, and you’d be hard pressed to find a treatment that does a passable job. 

Except for Vivace®. Like a magic wand, it eliminates stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin looking younger and healthier. No other treatment does so much for your skin like Vivace® RF microneedling.

     8. Effective even beyond the Face 

Not all microneedling treatments are equal. Truly comprehensive microneedling is famously difficult, if not impossible. With traditional procedures the best you can hope for is a face lift, because they are often unsafe and ineffective on other parts of the body, such as the chest. 

Vivace® RF microneedling is capable of more than a facial lift – it is also effective on the hands, neck and decolletage too! Wherever you have delicate, aging skin, Vivace can rejuvenate your complexion and reverse the visible effects of aging. 

     9. Vivace® Microneedling is Available for only $500!

At Glamor Medical, we may not have a magic wand to wave all your skincare issues away, but we certainly have the next best thing – an affordable Vivace microneedling experience. Starting at only $500, you can experience Vivace® RF Microneedling near you with the best industry-leading equipment at Glamor Medical

Get Vivace Microneedling Done Near You

We know you want to feel good in your own skin. Let’s help you look through your options.  If you’re convinced the Vivace Experience® is for you, or still need a consultation, call 561-990-8442 or contact us to book your appointment. 

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