Rumors and Facts About Lip Fillers

Full, plump, pouty lips are a highly desirable beauty attribute. The rage of fuller lips achieved by lip fillers have increased in popularity as seen on social media and with celebrity influencers. As a result, lip fillers have been a hot topic in the world of beauty. Those not born with naturally full lips seek enhancements to achieve this look before understanding the facts about lip fillers.

The popularity of injectable fillers is increasing, becoming more affordable and accessible. Lip fillers are a popular enhancement procedure. They consist of hyaluronic acid, collagen, or fat, which occur naturally in the human body. Every med spa on every corner is now offering lip fillers at competitive price ranges. However, how do you know if filler is right for you? Frequently asked questions on Healthline provide additional information. 

With the increase in use, developing myths and misconceptions continue to rise.

Top Rumors and Facts About Lip Fillers

1. “Plump” lips are the only reason people get lip injections

Actually, people opt for lip injections for several reasons. Shape definition is often the main consideration for receiving lip enhancement. As we age, lip lines thin, and appearance benefits from shape definition. Fillers uplift corners of the mouth and fill in fine lines. Both creating a more youthful appearance. Fillers correct undefined Cupid’s bows, disproportion, and dry, cracked lips. 

2. Lip fillers abnormally stretch your lips and look unnatural

While we have all seen images of the infamous “duck lips,” this is not typical of the procedure. When working with a certified MedSpa specialist, you receive a consultation based on your facial structure and needs. Lips appear youthful, full, and natural with correct application of injections.

3. After treatments begin, they are a permanent commitment

Lip injections are not a mandatory permanent procedure. Maintenance is optional. The gradual decrease in volume occurs as the body absorbs the filler. Resulting in pre-procedure facial features with no adverse effects. However, the collagen stimulation will retain some reduction of the existing fine lines.

4. If dissatisfied with results they are permanent with no recourse

Not necessarily. When opting for lip fillers, you are choosing to alter your appearance. This is not without its risks. Further, some fillers take up to a year or two to dissolve. The displeasure of filler results is a potential consequence. However, they are not permanent. A certified MedSpa specialist understands concerns and consults on your options. Debunk rumors about lip fillers and learn the facts.

Additional Facts to Consider

It is important to have a consultation with your MedSpa specialist prior to receiving lip filler. This is because there are many factors to consider before you get a lip augmentation. Some of the facts to consider before getting lip filler are:

  • Your lip shape
  • Age
  • Your skin type
  • Your lip size
  • Current lip thickness
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget 
  • The type of lip filler injection you will receive 
  • The potential side effects

Are You Considering Lip Fillers?

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14 thoughts on “Rumors and Facts About Lip Fillers”

  1. I have never considered fillers, primarily because of the myths you just listed. I was afraid if I tried them, I’d end up with a permanent duck face. Thank you for correcting that!

  2. I have not considered getting a lip filler. It seems like a no brainer in terms of procedure but you bring up good points to consider. Glad to know that this procedure is also not permanent like a tattoo. So if someone did decide to try it out, it’s something they can choose to discontinue.


  3. There is so much disinformation out there. I think if people are going to do any procedures, they should consult with a professional and have all of their questions answered.

  4. I did not know that lip fillers could not be reversed once treatments have started. This is something that should require deep thought. Especially because there is no turning back.

  5. Im actually considering lip fillers. And I’m glad I came across your site. It`s good to differentiate which one is a rumor and which one is a fact.

  6. This is an interesting read. I have no plans of getting a lip filler but this is good to know. This detailed post can genuinely help someone who considers getting one.

  7. I did not know lip lines thin as we age. Still I would think twice about getting lip fillers. Although, it is good to know that they are not permanent and that you can have it altered if you did not like the result.

  8. You made an interesting point when you mentioned that it is a good idea to seek expert advice when you are thinking of getting a lip filler. Would it be a good idea to schedule a consultation with a dentist if you are wanting to get a filler? I would imagine that dentists would be able to provide you with good information since they probably know a lot about lip fillers.

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