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FAQ: Sublative Resurfacing Laser Treatment

Do you know about scar removal with a face laser? Let us tell you about our favorite new treatment, E-matrix, if you haven’t heard of it. Collagen is increased and smooth, elastic skin is achieved with the help of E-matrix, a state-of-the-art sublative resurfacing laser therapy. We will discuss sublative resurfacing laser treatments, how the technology functions, what downtime to anticipate, and how to optimize results.

What is Sublative Resurfacing Laser Treatment? 

Laser treatments using E-matrix have shown major improvements to patients skin texture, help combat acne scaring, and tighten skin texture. It odes this by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy into the skin which thermally evaporates the epidermis and dermal layer of the skin. It leaves its mark in a grid formation where your skin will then begin healing and evening out. This in turn promotes rapid healing and collagen production to smooth skin. 

The most popular treatment areas are the face, neck and chest. 

During your sublative treatment, a matrix—or a grid of 64 electrodes—via a specialized tip on the machine’s applicator will be used to deliver Bi-polar radio frequency energy through the deeper layers of skin.

This technique involves destroying the targeted skin while sparing the surrounding skin, which causes the surrounding skin to start aiding in the recovery of the treated skin, promoting the formation of collagen throughout the healing stages.

How long does the treatment take?

It takes around an hour and a half to complete the entire course of treatment. The timer starts once the numbing cream is applied and runs for the first 30 minutes while it takes action. The numbing cream is effective but there will be some discomfort while receiving treatment. The easiest way to describe it is as a feeling of heat under the skin, much like a sunburn.

Sublative Resurfacing Results 

The recovery stage is about one to two weeks, however, it differs for every person. The first several days of healing will result in scabbing and grid formations present on the skin. Also, moving the skin will also feel tight and restricted. 

Use SPF  and prevent exposure to the sun to ensure long lasting results. The deeper the flaws, the more treatments you may require; for significant flaws, this may require up to three sessions or more, depending on the health of the skin.

Any Downtime from Laser Treatments? 

Unfortunately, there will be some healing time. Typically, around the first three to five days, you won’t want to show up to work. No makeup recommended for at least the first three days to promote speedy and easy skin healing. Remember that any medical procedure carries some potential risk. Redness, swelling, and scabbing will vary in intensity depending on the individual.

E-Matrix Treatment in Boca Raton 

Glamor medical proudly offers E-Matrix treatment in Boca Raton, Florida. E-Matrix is the world’s first radio frequency technology for facial rejuvenation treatments primarily based on the delivery of high-intensity energy. Improve your skin texture and reclaim your youthful, beautiful, healthy skin by speaking with professionals at Glamor Medical about the advantages and results. 

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