Top Med Spa Treatments for Men in South Florida

Top Med Spa Treatments for Men in South Florida

Do Men Go to Med Spas?

Men and med spas might seem like an unlikely pair, but these two entities are more closely related than you might think. More often than not, we get asked “Do you treat men” and our answer is always an excited “Yes!” The misconception that women only care about anti-aging treatments is extremely prevalent in this day in age.

Within the last few years, men have taken a proactive role in the skincare and beauty industry. It’s now mainstream for men to make their monthly trips to the med spa to receive anything from HydraFacials to filler.

Below are the top med spa treatments for men that we offer at Glamor Medical in South Florida.


Neuromodulators, better known as Botox, are injectables that help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many women and men suffer from unwanted wrinkles around the forehead, eye, and mouth area. Botox helps relax the muscles in these areas to smooth out unwanted fine lines.

The injection works by blocking certain chemical signals at the nerve ending, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. Botox is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to help prevent moderate to severe fine lines. Many of our male clients love that this treatment requires minimal downtime, getting them back to their daily routines immediately after.

It takes 4-7 days to see optimal results following treatment, and if you are not completely satisfied, additional units can be added at a follow-up visit. In fact, we highly suggest men come back several times to accomplish optimal results because men usually require more injections than females.


Another popular treatment for our male clients at Glamor Medical is filler, specifically Sculptra. Sculptra is appealing because of how natural, as well as gradual, the results are. Unlike most hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra helps stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production. Thus, helping restore its inner structure, and increase the volume that has been lost.

With Sculptra, a healthy, handsome, and youthful appearance is achieved by reactivating collagen and reinforcing the facial structure. One of the most attractive qualities of Sculptra is that results have been seen to last up to 5-7 years. However, to obtain these results it is recommended to receive several treatments to help promote long-lasting results.


Let’s talk facials! There is a common misconception that facials are only for women. However, in 2021 this is no longer the case. There are many different facial and aesthetic options at med spas for both women and men.

At Glamor Medical, one of our most popular facial treatments by our male clients is HydraFacials.  HydraFacials are popular because of their immediate and noticeable results. Basically, the HydraFacial MD elite makes attaining a rejuvenated complexion simple. The award-winning treatment is a favorite among celebrities because of the immediate glow and zero downtime. Only HydraFacial MD uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and bringing that glow from within to the surface.

With the HydraFacial technology, each treatment is customizable to each client’s unique skin type and needs. Our male clients love this option because it is perfect for their busy schedules, only taking 30 minutes.

Hair Removal

Finally, one of our top treatments for men is laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a laser to target the root of the hair, which permanently damages the hair follicle and prevents future growth. After a few sessions, men can say goodbye to that unwanted back, neck, or chest hair.

This treatment may seem only popular for women, however, men have places on the body that they prefer to be smooth and hairless. This treatment is safe, effective, and long-lasting, resulting in permanent hair reduction or removal. 

Try Med Spa Treatments for Men in South Florida at Glamor Medical

Calling all male clients! If you have found yourself hesitant to give med spa treatments a try, look no further. At Glamor Medical in Boca Raton, we treat men just as much as women. Everyone wants those youthful, long-lasting results and we know just the treatment options for you. Contact the professionals at Glamor Medical today to book a consultation.

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