verything You Need To Know About The MOXI Laser Facial

Everything You Need To Know About The MOXI™ Laser Facial

Often referred to as the “lunchtime time procedure,” the MOXI™ laser facial is the hottest facial treatment on the market. MOXI™ is the latest technique to reinvigorate and replenish your skin’s texture by addressing discoloration in one quick visit. 

The procedure consists of a non-ablative laser, modulated with ultrasonic energy to the skin. The laser encourages new cell development and eliminates undesirable pigment. 

What Is a MOXI Treatment Like?

MOXI™ treatments are available in three different intensities. With or without topical anesthesia, pain at Level 1 is rather modest. Usually, patients undergoing level 2 or level 3 treatments will arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of their session. This is to allow for the application of a numbing lotion to the skin.

This micro-damage results in the restoration of collagen, a protein essential for keeping the skin young and full of volume. Different lasers encourage collagen creation, but only the MOXI™ functions softly and efficiently. Even young individuals with beautiful skin select it as a maintenance treatment to preserve their present collagen from deteriorating.

A Glamour Medical professional will wash your skin before gently rolling the instrument over your face. The machine delivers a small boost of activity in a way that leaves room between spots where the energy beam has entered. 

Our clinician will adapt the strength of the energy given. As well as the distance in between small spots of energy to what is optimal for your skin. Many clients prefer to mix MOXI™ with BBL, radiofrequency in order to bring the pigment to the surface faster. The BBL is administered first, shortly followed by the MOXI™. 

Pre Treatment Skincare

Try following all pre-treatment details given by your clinician in order to prepare for your MOXI™. 

If you do not adhere to specific pre-treatment guidelines, your operation may be postponed or canceled.

  • Use sunscreen 
  • Please be aware that you won’t be able to tan for this session. 
  • You’ll need to temporarily discontinue usage of any retinol solutions 3-5 days before your planned consultation. 
  • We also recommend that you avoid using sunless tanners for at least 5 days before your booked treatment.
  • Contact your provider if you have had Accutane prescribed by a doctor in the previous 12 months.
  • If you have Melasma, utilize the hydroquinone systems or treatments indicated by your practitioner for at least 6 weeks prior to your MOXI™.
  • If you have a history of cold sores or an HSV diagnosis, you will need to get a prescription for prophylaxis before the surgery. 
  • Please contact our facility and we will gladly assist you with obtaining a prescription.
  • If you do have an untreated cold sore at the time of your appointment, you must wait!

Am I a Good Candidate For MOXI?

Designed with everyone in mind MOXI™ is suitable for younger patients who are just establishing a skincare routine. It’s also for those who wish to revive and freshen the look of their skin without a long recovery period.  

MOXI™ is suitable for younger patients who are just establishing a skincare routine. Even those who wish to revive and freshen the look of their skin without recovery.  It’s also an excellent treatment for routine skincare because of the low downtime required and light technology.

  • Under 30 minutes, it’s quick and easy.
  • Simple aftercare
  • Makeup can be used up to 24 hours after the procedure.

The epidermis is on the front lines of combat against aging. Our skin shows the earliest indications of aging. Prolonged sun exposure can prematurely age our skin. In our quest to maintain a young appearance, the MOXI™ laser is a potent instrument for skin renewal.

The MOXI™ Laser Facial Results? 

After approximately a week, you will notice increased luminosity and a general shine. However, many MOXI™ laser treatments will be required to achieve a considerable lightening of dark spots and sun exposure. It’s been suggested that the more sessions you do, the more restorative it becomes. 

For maximum outcomes, we suggest three to four treatments staggered a week apart. To avoid future damage to the skin, you should continue to apply sunscreen and protective clothing.

Does Moxi have risks and side effects?

The MOXI™ Laser Facial is a healthy treatment with little concern and harmful impacts. In the hours following your treatment, you may experience a little redness and pain, such as a burning feeling. It’s also common for your face to have a sandpaper-like quality for the next 4-5 days. The heat from the laser can also produce residual post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but this is an uncommon side effect. Most side effects following treatment subside within a few days, leaving you with bright, clear, and glowing results.

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  1. Kathy Gregory

    I’m 74 and I got my first Moxy treatment and I’ve paid up for two more. I think I’m going to love it.
    It’s been 4 days since I had my first treatment so I’m still peeling so hopefully I’ll look great in a few more days

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