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PDO vs Anchoring Threads: Ditch The Facelift  

A thread lift is a less invasive facelift that involves the use of a sugar thread that dissolves over time. “Sugar” PDO threads divides into two functions: smoothing and lifting. The smooth category includes synthetic dissolvable sutures such as PDO (Polydioxanone). PDO has a shorter life span, but it activates fibroblasts and increases collagen formation, which improves facial contouring. 

Lifting or anchoring entails the use of a barbed, long-lasting thread. When considering facial rejuvenation surgery, choosing the appropriate facial threading might be difficult. This article will give you all of the information and answers to any questions you may have.

What To Expect During A Thread Lift  

To choose between the two threads, you must first define the desired outcome. The technique is the same, but the thread you use impacts your results. Although there are several major distinctions between the two types of threads, they are both excellent ways to combat facial aging. 

To ensure that the patient feels no pain, the thread lift will begin with local anesthetic. Laughing gas is provided for maximum comfort. Initially, the procedure is uncomfortable. The anesthetic is injected into the skin, and works quickly.

A hypodermic needle injects the thread under the skin-surface. The thread will be pulled and tightened until the desired look is achieved. The entire procedure will take about an hour.

Which Type Of Thread Should I Choose? 

Anchoring Threads

When raising the face is the goal, we place an anchored thread near the hairline. Then use barbed thread to bring life to the brows and cheeks. This notion strongly pulls the skin and hooks and holds tissues in place. At Glamor Medical, we call this the “Lift Technique.” This is perfect for those who have deep creases and visible symptoms of age, as well as those who have a very flat nasal bridge.

Two types of threads are offered for the procedure, absorbable and absorbable. Majority of doctors recommend an absorbable type of thread. A non-absorbable substance is a substance that is both permanent and difficult to remove. The anchoring operation requires a few days, if not a week, to recuperate. 

PDO Threads

The most frequent threading option is PDO mono threads. While simulating collagen formation, this type improves skin texture and wrinkles. This sugar thread polymer is long-lasting, flexible, and absorbent. The final results could last for up to a year. 

This is usually the best option for patients looking for a subtle adjustment that isn’t too drastic. Recovery time is minimal and only lasts a few days. 

The specialists at Glamor Medical, a renowned med spa in Boca Raton, can help you decide which technique is right for you. The Mesh Technique creates a mesh under the skin that consists of two sutures put vertically and three sutures inserted horizontally. Almost in the shape of a hashtag. We use NovaMesh technology, which produces natural outcomes, to encourage new collagen formation in skin tissue.

Is a Thread Lift Right for You?

Aleana Kuneff is a board-certified physician assistant who has years of experience in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and medical training. She can help you with a thread lift. She’ll make the best decision possible based on her expertise and your medical needs and current state of health.  

A thread lift could be ideal for you if your skin has just started to exhibit signs of age and wrinkling in certain spots. Those who are 55 years or younger and not ready for an invasive facelift, make a great candidate for the procedure. Thread life will deliver a quick outcome with minimal downtime, as well as long-term benefits. There will be no scarring or markings on the treatment area. 

Threads vs Filler

Combining threads with other treatments can help you get the most out of a collagen thread. Because your aesthetic rejuvenation journey is as unique as you are, your aesthetic professional can help you decide which dermal fillers could be the icing on the cake that you don’t want to overlook. Fillers are important for restoring skin texture and volume lost due to aging skin and can be used in conjunction with tightening and thread lift procedures. By including these in your annual beauty routine, you can postpone the need for a facelift.

PDO and Anchoring Threads in Boca Raton

Finally, have you considered a collagen thread lift in Boca Raton? Thread lift sutures have been around for a long time. They are even used by cardiologists for heart surgery. 

Many people are now contemplating them as a low-downtime, quick-recovery alternative to a facelift. Glamor Medical is the destination of choice for patients seeking the latest advances in the art of facial rejuvenation. 

Our mission at Glamor Medical is to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery services. We provide an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence in care. Using the most advanced technology, we create individualized treatment plans for every patient. Contact us today!

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