Top 5 Benefits Of Ultherapy

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an FDA approved nonsurgical treatment that accomplishes younger looking skin. There are many changes in our bodies that happen with age. Collagen, which provides structure, support or strength to your skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues, breaks down and the strength and elasticity of the skin vanishes. Ultherapy is a great alternative to an invasive surgical facelift and is used to get rid of early signs of skin aging.

How it works

A microfocused ultrasound machine is used in Ultherapy to provide a thermal effect beneath the skin. In a sense, this technique activates your body’s natural process for new collagen production. The machine applies sound wave energy through your skin to penetrate the muscle in your treatment area. It causes the muscle to dwindle down and shrink, which leaves you with a firm and contoured end result.

Ultherapy works to elevate the neck, chin, and brow, areas while reducing lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. By elevating these areas they will appear tighter and like younger skin. Each treatment area has their own advantageous outcomes.


  • Firms loose skin in the neck
  • Resists the appearance of aging signs in the neck
  • Treat the signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin


  • Lifts and strengthens the skin 
  • Generates production of new collagen, for a firmer and more solid-looking chin
  • Corrects mild sagging on your chin
  • Fixes the appearance of a double chin


  • Lessens sagging of eyebrows
  • Polishes up droopiness of eyebrows
  • Brings forth a more energetic and youthful aesthetic 


  • Enhances the skin in the upper chest making it firmer and tighter
  • Decreases undesirable lines and wrinkles in the decolletage

Top 5 Benefits of Ultherapy: 

Ultherapy treatments pause the aging process in treated areas, and there are so many benefits of Ultherapy, that we will go over in this next section.

Here are five amazing benefits:

1 Non-surgical facelift

The FDA approved Ultherapy as the only safe non-surgical treatment for sagging facial skin and wrinkles. Cosmetic surgical procedures can pose a risk for many. With Ultherapy, you don’t have to worry about going under anesthesia or any potential scaring because no incision is exercised in this treatment. Ultherapy also has the ability to treat the muscle fascia area like a standard surgical facelift does.

2 Safe and effective 

Doctors have been practicing Ultherapy for more than 50 years and it is now available in more than 75 countries. There has been many successful clinical studies and tens of thousands of sessions worldwide. Just for reference, over 526,000 non surgical skin tightening procedures like Ultherapy were done in 2016. Numerous notable plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists offer Ultherapy and are rather pleased with the results their patients encounter. 

3 Quick procedure

The timeframe of this treatment varies by how much work you wish to get done. A single treatment area takes roughly thirty minutes, whereas getting treated on multiple areas at once may require up to ninety minutes. This is not long, Compared to other non-invasive procedures. If you are only treating one area you will pretty much be in and out. The treatment time is also fairly quick because, Ultherapy does not call for any medical attention afterward.

4 Minimal to no recovery time

Ultherapy is a rather quick procedure, and is known for its “no down time” recovery period. This option is great for those who do not have the luxury of taking time off for an extended timespan. Although minimal swelling or bruising may occur, most patients say these side effects are mild—if they occur at all.  

5 Cost efficient 

When looking at the cost of Ultherapy, the numbers may scare you at first. However, because Ultherapy has so many perks and is a safer option than other skin lifting treatments, you are getting your bang for your buck. The average cost in Florida is $2,025, whereas if you get a surgical facelift in Florida, you could find yourself paying anywhere between 5,500 – $10,000. Our prices at Glamor Medical for ultherapy start at 1200 and go up to 2950.

Why Ultherapy over other non-invasive treatments

If you are looking to lift and tighten your skin without surgery, there are many options out there. Similar to the ones listed above, there are many benefits in choosing Ultherapy, as it relies on ultrasound energy to go deeper than other non-invasive treatments. This is put into practice by stimulating the collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of skin tissue. Ultrasound imaging grants the doctor a closer look at the lower layers of the skin. This means the heat can be directed to the precise locations that calls for an advancement. 

Ultherapy can deliver significant improvement in sagging skin without the possible side effects of anesthesia or unexpected difficulties linked with post-procedure healing. 

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