FAQ: Upneeq in Boca Raton

Glamor Medical, located in South Florida, is now offering Upneeq in Boca Raton. These FDA-approved drops help lift and brighten low-lying eyelids.

What is Upneeq

First approved by the FDA in July of 2020, Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop to help the symptoms of acquired ptosis (low-lying eyelids).  Upneeq has quickly gained popularity as the only prescription medication that can help treat these issues and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Allure.

Upneeq is a once-daily ocular formulation of oxymetazoline, a direct-acting alpha-adrenergic receptor agonist, intended for the treatment of acquired blepharoptosis, or ptosis, a disorder marked by abnormal upper eyelid drooping.

What is Ptosis/Blepharoptosis

Sagging, in technical terms, is referred to as ptosis, and blepharoptosis specifically refers to the sagging of the eyelids. Since blepharoptosis is such a prevalent kind of ptosis, several individuals confuse the two names. 

Blepharoptosis is a condition that can be congenital (existing from birth) or acquired later in life. The lack of a nerve connection to mature properly is a common cause of congenital ptosis. Meanwhile, age and certain eye disorders are the most common causes of acquired ptosis.

This condition can cause you to look tired even when not, as well as limit your field of vision. This can make it difficult to do things like read, use the computer, or drive.

How Does Upneeq Treat Ptosis 

Upneeq contains oxymetazoline hydrochloride, a medicine that works on the Muller’s muscle, one of the eyelid muscles. A nasal spray named Afrin contains oxymetazoline hydrochloride as well. Afrin works to reduce congestion by constricting blood vessels.

Upneeq causes the Muller muscle to contract when applied to the eye, giving the user a wider-eyed appearance for up to six hours.

Is Upneeq Safe

The use of Upneed overall is safe for most clients. During studies, 1-5% experienced side effects from the drops which included irritation, dry eye, headache, blurry vision, or stinging when administering drops. While Upneeq’s side effects are uncommon, contact your doctor or physician if you believe you are experiencing any.

Additionally, those with specific health issues should use Upneeq with caution. Even if your health issues do not appear to be related to your eyes, consult with your physician before using Upneeq. If you are taking any medication, let your practitioner know during your consultation. 

How Do I Get Upneeq

Dermatologists, cosmetic practices, medical spas, and all types of eye care providers can prescribe Upneeq. Glamor Medical is now offering Upneeq in Boca Raton for South Florida locals! 

How To Use Upneeq

Only use Upneeq as advised by your doctor or physician. Upneeq’s developers, RVL Pharmacy, advocate taking one drop once a day in the eye with the droopy lid. If both of your eyelids are droopy, your doctor may advise you to utilize Upneeq in both of them.

Always wash your hands before applying Upneeq to your eyes. Avoid touching the tip of the Upneeq dropper on dirty surfaces, as this might cause bacteria to enter your eyes and create an infection. If you think you’ve acquired an eye infection as a result of using Upneeq, see your doctor right away.

Can You Buy Upneeq Over the Counter

Because Upneeq is a prescription medication, you cannot purchase it over the counter. Rather, speak with your eye doctor and set up an appointment for an eye exam. This way your doctor can assess whether Upneeq is right for you.

Try Upneeq in Boca Raton

If you suffer from ptosis or blepharoptosis and need a solution, contact Glamor Medical to see if Upneeq is right for you. Glamor Medical is a full-service Medspa in South Florida offering the most cutting-edge methods that deliver lasting results. If you are interested in Upneeq or any other medspa treatment, book with Glamor Medical today!

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