Why use Endoret® instead of Other Platelet-Rich Plasma? 

Four key reasons: guaranteed biosafety, better efficacy, absence of inflammatory proteins and zero risk of rejection.

At Glamor Medical, we take pride in giving only the best in medical aesthetics to our clients. We are constantly seeking how to optimize for safety, compatibility and effectiveness in our procedures. Despite the half a dozen available technologies that involve Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRPs), we prefer to use only Endoret®

Endoret Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF®) is the latest regenerative technology in PRP therapy. A revolutionary product born from decades of scientific research, Endoret® is now the standard for various medical procedures, such as fixing dentures, preparing grafts, speed healing, and several cosmetic treatments. 

Like other PRPs, Endoret is used to safely stimulate tissue regeneration using your own blood platelets. However, Endoret PRGF® stands out from other PRPs in every regard, making it our default standard for treatments involving platelet-rich plasma. 

So, what is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

For the uninitiated, PRP is a substance obtained by extracting the clear part of a sample of your blood (the plasma), and injected into your skin, scalp, or gums or an injury to create the desired cosmetic results. 

The procedure works by taking a sample of your blood and spinning it at high speeds to separate out the components. Blood platelets and other vital proteins congregate in the middle layer, which is extracted as platelet-rich plasma. This PRP is then injected into desired areas, such as: 

  • treated wounds, to accelerate healing 
  • injured ligaments and muscles, to aid treatment
  • the scalp, to combat baldness and hair loss
  • loose or sagging skin, to improve tightening
  • your face, to smoothen wrinkles, remove acne and improve skin texture 

Although the general premise of PRP therapy is that it’s safer than other procedures since the injections are derived from the patient’s own blood proteins, many PRP treatments have significant risks. 

Post-treatment inflammation is common and their is often chance for infection. Sometimes, the patient reacts negatively to the PRP injection due to incompatibility with some of the added supplements. Nevertheless, with Endoret PRGF®, these issues are simply nonexistent. 

The Endoret® advantage over other PRPs 

We routinely use Endoret Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PGRF®) at Glamor Medical because it is a fully autologous treatment – meaning, 100% of the components come from the patient’s blood. This grants Endoret a number of advantages over any other PRP therapy. 

     1. Guaranteed biosafety 

Endoret PRGF uses blood plasma, platelets, growth factors and other proteins derived from the very same patient undergoing therapy. This sort of treatment virtually guarantees safety since no external or synthetic agent is applied to initiate tissue repair. The entire procedure is fully natural, autologous and safe. 

Although other PRPs claim to pose minimal danger to the patient, there is an inherent risk of infection that is common to injection-based procedures. However, Endoret formulations completely evade this risk, by means of a bacteriostatic effect. 

Application of Endoret® halts the growth of any microorganisms that come near the sites of injection, to keep the treated areas germ-free. This bacteriostasis is especially strong in the first four hours after treatment, ensuring the safety of the patient during and after treatment. 

     2. Greater Efficacy 

Two factors allow Endoret PRGF to be more effective than any other PRP method: control and optimization. 

Endoret works by creating a matrix out of the body’s own materials such as growth factors, platelets and fibrin. Unlike other PRPs, this aspect of the procedure is completely under control, which allows the matrix to be formed exactly where it is needed. As a result, vital growth factors become concentrated in the target areas. 

Obviously, this is the only way to produce the desired cosmetic results. Due to this controlled activation, Endoret® technology is more effective than most other forms of PRP therapy. In addition, the consistency of Endoret in producing plasma that contains the right number of platelets each time further enhances its efficacy. 

This optimization is the result of 15 years of research in tissue regeneration and is backed by over a hundred documented analyses of scientific literature. Endoret is the clear winner among PRPs in shortening healing time, regenerating damaged tissue, and improving efficacy of treatment. 

     3. Minimal inflammation 

Many PRPs include a significant amount of leukocytes in the extracted solution. However, these leukocytes cause painful post-treatment swelling and reduce the long-term efficacy of the therapy. 

Endoret® technology ensures that its plasma formulation is not only rich in growth factors, but also free of inflammatory proteins. The result is a therapy with very little downtime, rapid recovery and minimal swelling. What’s more, the gains of treatment last longer than other PRPs! 

Because the Endoret formulation is completely devoid of leukocytes, the fibrin matrix persists for longer and continues to release growth factors into the desired areas. This maximizes the efficacy of treatment, and produces the most natural-looking results. 

     4. Zero risk of rejection 

The components used in the Endoret platelet-rich plasma formulation are generated from the body’s own blood proteins and plasma. As no other additives are used, the possibility of a negative reaction to the solution is eliminated. There are no issues whatsoever with compatibility and zero risk of rejection. 

From our experience at Glamor Medical we have found that Endoret PRGF has no adverse effects on patients. This corroborates more than 700,000 reports of clinical applications of Endoret in more than 20 countries. Not a single application of the Endoret® formulation has resulted in a significant adverse reaction

Clearly, among all PRPs, Endoret is the most clinically sound technique. It wins in biosafety, compatibility and efficacy. That is why we prefer Endoret®, over any other form of PRP therapy. 

Experience Endoret PRGF® at Glamor Medical 

We never boast, but we’re the leading provider of medical aesthetics in Boca Raton. Utilizing the latest technologies and best-in class procedures, we create a beauty plan as unique as you are. Experience the best PRP therapy with Endoret, or any of our other cosmetic treatments at Glamour Medical, at an affordable cost. 

Explore our bevy of medical aesthetics options on our website, or book a consultation right away by calling us on 561-990-8442 

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